The Eczema Center
Eczema Primer

Chapter 4. An Evolving Approach to Therapy
Evolution of topical therapy will likely include combinations of topical anti-inflammatory agents, including calcineurin inhibitors and topical corticosteroids, although the optimal combination therapy has yet to be defined.  With evolving therapeutic options, guidelines for care of atopic dermatitis similar to those used for treatment of asthma have been proposed and are being developed. 

In addition, recognizing that atopic dermatitis is often the first manifestation of the "atopic march" with more than 50% of children diagnosed with atopic dermatitis developing allergic rhinitis and asthma presents clinicians with both a challenge, but also with a unique opportunity. 

In this respect, answering the question of whether intervention with a topical nonsteroidal agent early in the course of infantile atopic dermatitis could modulate the course, not only of a child’s atopic dermatitis, but also impact the development of asthma and allergies is of great importance to all clinicians dealing with this disease.